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Dear author/artist.

thank you so much for creatng somethign for me. I hope this letter will at least be a little bit helpful and gives you some ideas as what to create.
It's just more of a list of my likes,d ieslikes and ideas I'd liek to see written than anything else. I hope you'll be able to work with them and feel free to run with any ideas that go along with my likes but don't necessarily correspond with the promts.

My AO3 account is: here, feel free to snoop.

General Likes
* anything fluffy goes
* from enemies to lovers or dislike to like to love
* missing scenes
* romance
* hurt/comfort (emotional or otherwise)
* meeting again after some time
* full shift werewolves (or were-creatures)

General Dislikes

* character death (if it isn't canon)
* cheating or any kind of infidelity
* mpreg (though I do read it occasionally if it's written well but I usually don't)
* BDSM that borders on torture, same goes for kinks that are either meant to torture or used without consent
* embarrassment, public shaming/humiliation
* rape or heavily dubious consent
* pairings not requested by me (good for you for liking/lovinmg them though)

* Teen Wolf
1. Derek/Stiles -> any thing about Derek coming back to help with the Wild Hunt, remembers Stiles, Derek can fully shift into a wolf
2. Derek/Stiles -> Stiles helps Derek with the FBI situation
3. Derekl/Stiles basically anything that has them as BAMFS and strong characters
3. Peter & Stiles -> figuring out how to solve supernatural problems together, with all the snark and bickering they can manages (added side of Derek/Stiles appreciated bit not necessary)

* The Fast and the Furious 8
1. Eric Reisner | Little Nobody/Roman Pearce -> post-movie, bickering, basicvally anything that has these two in it.

* Hockey RPF
1. Sidney Crosby/Brayden Schenn -> dealing with the life of a hockey players for different teams but having their home base so close together that meeting up is still possible
2. Sidney Crosby/Brayden Schenn -> the vacation after the World Championships 2015 -> how they got together, how the world champs helped Brayden change his view and act on his crush
3. Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin -> Tyler's dog Cash loves Jamie more, or Tyler thinks so, why else would he always end up at Jamie's place? -> dog as a matchmaker
4. Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin -> Tyler gets injured during a a game (roughing or accident) and Jamie sort of loses his mind over it, realizing that Tyler got under his skin.

* Crossover Chicago Fire/Chicago PD
1. Hank Voight (Chicago PD)/Matthew Casey (Chicago Fire) -> after Jason's funeral Casey visits Voight, tension is high and things sort of happen -> just them addressing the anger issues between them in certain ways -> just not too much violence or any kind of dubious content
2. Hank Voight (Chicago PD)/Matthew Casey (Chicago Fire) -> Casey has to rescue Voight
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Title: "A journey long overdue "
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Rating: G
Word Count: 3789
Summary: Glimpses into life after high school. Stiles's way to finding himself and how postcards as well as Derek play a big role in that.

Link to Fic: Fic on AO3

Notes: This was written for the tommygirl during the 2nd round of chocolatebox
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Title: "The Dreams of the Memory (If my red eyes don't see you anymore)"
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Artist: [ profile] pokemaster / Starkickback on Tumblr
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 27k
Warnings: canon-typical violence, mildly dubious consent as in a touch and the invasion of personal space being unwanted (not between Derek and Stiles or anyone of the pack)

Summary: It’s as simple as evil things happening in Beacon Hills can be. Stiles is not so accidentally turned invisible to the pack. And all they will have to do is to figure out how to reverse it, how to catch the evil warlock and everything will be alright. Right?

If things were this simple it wouldn’t be Stiles’ life.

So along the way truths are brought to light that Stiles never really knew needed to be uncovered. Like the fact that the books full of spells his mom kept hidden are somehow calling out to his spark now.
Or that the memories of an imaginary friend and a wolf Stiles always thought only existed in his fantasy might be more real than expected.

Oh and the tiny fact that Derek, out of all people, seems to be the only pack member who’s able to communicate with Stiles – without causing excruciating pain.

Not to mention that the warlock responsible is trying to revive the Nemeton in the meantime – even if that means killing the pack.

Link to Fic: Fic on AO3, art included within the story
Link to Art: will be added later

Notes: This was written for the 2014 Sterek Big Bang at [ profile] sterek_big_bang
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Title: There are no monsters under my bed… they’re in the closet
Author: the_milky_way
Artist: AkumuBlack
Type: slash
Word Count: 25.838
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles, the Sheriff, Melissa, Scott, Lydia, Kira, three original characters: Aly, Jamie and Jules,
canon-typical violence, set after Season 4, with some references to it

Summary:Stiles likes college. He also likes his roommates, who are slowly turning into really good friends. They get along, they have a good time, they generally enjoy college life. The only problem is that they are supernatural creatures and think Stiles has no clue. It’s fun for a while, to mess with them, to solve their supernatural problems without them realizing it’s him. It’s fun until one of them digs too deep. It’s fun until Stiles needs all the help he can get to solve that supernatural problem.

Oh and anyone who said that absence makes the heart grow fonder? They can go and screw themselves because they were actually right. Stiles has never talked as often with Derek as he does while being away at college. Their phone calls keep him grounded, keep him sane. They are also the opportunity for him to rant about his stupid supernatural roommates, who actually sort of fanboy/fangirl the Hale family. So Stiles isn’t really sure about how to deal with his growing crush on a certain sourwolf and the fact that his roommates would most likely try to jump Derek if they ever get to know him. Right, if only Stiles weren't in need of Derek's help with a certain supernatural problem.

Link(s) to fic: story on AO3
Link(s) to art: Art on AO3

Notes: This was written for the 2014 TW Big Bang at [ profile] teenwolf_bb
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Fic title: "It’s always the brightest light - That takes you home each night"
Pairing: Ruthie Camden/Martin Brewer
Genre: 7th Heaven FPF
Rating: R
Word Count: 8724

Many thanks to A for the quick beta services and the suggestions.

Summary: Future Fic, takes place in present day

It’s in London of all places that Ruthie sees him again.

At first she isn’t even sure – it’s been eight years without so much as a glimpse after all. There’s enough of an unfamiliar feeling that she wonders where she’s seen him before. Only for a second but it’s enough to make her look again. Closer this time. And still, at first she thinks it’s a visual trick, someone that looks similar but not quite right. Until he turns away from the shop window and she gets presented with a clear view of his face and eyes.

Link: Story is here -> AO3
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Fic title: "5 times Stiles finds comfort in something Derek does"
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Genre: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 3000
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Beta: Many thanks to A for beta services and the suggestions.
Disclaimer: This story is fictional (not real, didn't happen). Characters belong to MTV and Jeff Davis

Notes: This is a 30 prompts/days of Writing type of thing.
I took the prompts from the LJ com spn_30snapshots. The table is called "Lovers Rock".
I never finished the second round but I like the prompts. And this is probably way too fluffy and also a result of insomnia.

Summary: The title says it all.
"5 times Stiles finds comfort in something Derek does"

On to the story -> AO3
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Fic title: "In another lifetime together "
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Genre: RPS, AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 5600
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Beta: Many thanks to A for beta services and the suggestions.
Disclaimer: This story is fictional (not real, didn't happen). Not true in any way. I don't own anything.

Summary: Jared really hates this day.

He not only lost his city but had to surrender his home to Persians, had to watch his sister being taken as a war price and last but not least lost the one thing he’s supposed to guard with his life.

Notes: This was written for the 2012/3013 round of [ profile] j2_everafter and is loosely based on the movie "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time".
I had a different idea in mind when I claimed the prompt but it all kind of ran away from me and ended up being told from a different POV than I had intended. But it worked way better this way, at least writing-wise... for me anyway.

Title taken from Blue - "Paradies"

The Prince and I – Or how a wild ride through the desert saves the day. )
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Fic title: "Just stay on that road in that heartbeat,"
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 6.200
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Beta: Many thanks to A. for the very fast and awesome beta
Disclaimer: This story is fictional (not real, didn't happen). Not true in any way. I don't own anything.

Summary: Jensen isn’t really in the holiday mood. And he’s willing to subject himself to Jared calling him a Grinch for the next few days. After 8 years, this will be the first Christmas they’ll spend together. Just the two of them. Jensen's not sure he'll survive this. The tree moves again, creaks and groans and Jensen just throws his arms up.

“Oh for heaven’s sake, just settle the fuck down already.”

Notes: This was written for [ profile] osmalic for the 2012 [ profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange.

I went with the prompt fic/art. J2 (au or otherwise). Pining!Jensen is pining on oblivious!Jared. (happy ending, please!) and tried to use some of your likes (shy and/or stressed and/or tightass!Jensen with glasses, bouncy and/or top!Jared, happy endings, Misha, HOLIDAY SEASON!) as well. I hope you'll like it. Sorry, that this comes so late. Happy Holidays!

Title is generously borrowed from Ronan Keating's "Fires"

On to the story )
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Title: "How to do teenage drama the right way and still come out on top", "
Artist: [ profile] beelikej
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warnings (if any): None
Words: ~ 8.000
Beta: Thanks so much [ profile] parka_girl and A. for reading through and the suggestions.
Disclaimer: This story is fictional (not real, didn't happen). Not true in any way.

Summary: Jensen's into drama (as an extra curriculum in school and as part of his entire life). Jared's the quarterback and kinda set to ruin Jensen's life. Or so it seems.

Jensen thinks this might turn into the worst day of his life. Admittedly, his life hasn’t been around all that long yet. And still, this day might top every other “worst day of his life” in the last seventeen years.

Notes: This was written for the 2012 round of [ profile] spn_reversebang. I claimed the beautiful piece of art made by [ profile] beelikej. It was a pleasure working with you and coming up with a story for you art. Check out her Art Post here!!

This also fulfills the prompts of "wet", "secret" and "comfort" on my
Jensen Ackles: Theme 04: Lover's Rock
table at [ profile] spn_30snapshots.




Art Post


[ profile] deadflowers5 was so very generous and created a PDF for this story.

You can find it here

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Fic title: "I just thought maybe we could find ways to fall apart"
Author name: [ profile] the_milky_way
Artist name: [ profile] amber1960
Genre: SPN FPS
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~ 10.000
Warnings: Goes AU after season 7, just one very minor spoiler for season 8 (in one sentence, otherwise AU)

Summary: This was supposed to be a simple cursed object case. Locate, retrieve, and lock up, you know.
Since they are the Winchesters, things are never simple, though.
With flashbacks of a past that never happened, a frighteningly clueless brother and time missing from his memory, Dean’s pretty sure he’s losing his grasp on reality.
Wouldn’t be the first time, only his delusions never before made him wish they were true.

Notes: This was written for the 2012 Sam/Dean Minibang at [ profile] samdean_otp and also fulfills the prompts of "sunrise", "sunset", "twilight", "eclipse" and "equinox" on my Dean Winchester: A Year to Survive table at [ profile] spn_30snapshots.

The title is graciously taken from Fun's "We are young"

Thank you so much A. for the beta services and suggestions.

Here's [ profile] amber1960's Art for this story. Art Masterpost.
It's seriously awesome. Thanks so much for choosing my story and creating art for it.


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Fic title: "We've been traveling over rocky ground (Stars have faded, the sky is still)"
Author name: [ profile] the_milky_way
Artist name: [ profile] digitalwave
Genre: RPS AU
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Rating: minor violence
Word count: ~ 37.000

Summary: “Times are rough and the future is not as brilliant as people hoped it would be. Half the country’s a desert the other half constantly fighting winter. Access to technology is restricted, watched over by a corrupt government and people have turned back to a simpler way of life.

Jensen’s a rancher with a ranch that hangs on a by threat. He struggles to make ends meet. Now someone powerful wants to take away what has been in his family for generations. His land. And that someone is willing to kill.

Jared’s a rebel, in the truest sense of the word. He fights for freedom, against half of the government and is always, always on the front line. But then a mission turns too hot and Jared’s forced into hiding. As luck will have it he ends up as a ranch hand on Jensen’s isolated land in the mountains.

Fighting the same enemy is, what pushes them together in the end.”


B + Epilogue


PDF with Art * epub version

ART: Masterpost

Please go and look at [ profile] digitalwave's awesome Art Post Masterpost and leave comments. It was so much fun doing this year's Big Bang with her. Thank you so much [ profile] digitalwave for the pieces of art you created. It was a pleasure working with you on this and I love that you came up with such great ideas.

My first Thank you goes to my beta readers [ profile] parka_girl and [ profile] silverraven. You guys helped me so much with your comments and suggestions.
You are awesome. All remaining mistakes are, of course, mine.

Another big Thank you to [ profile] softcake_70 , who actually came up with the plot for this fic. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even have considered writing cowboys or would have had the idea to combine cowboys and futuristic utopia. Thank you for helping me through the idea finding process.

Thanks to all of those who have been holding my hand through all of this, so basically half my flist. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate all the encouragements and comments. I know I says this every year but it's true. Five years is a long time and I really appreciate all the support.

This was written for the 2012 round for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang.
Thanks to [ profile] wendy and [ profile] thehighwaywoman for running this for six years now and it's my fifth. Wow.

Title and Chapter titles taken from Bruce Springsteen's newest album "Wrecking Ball". When I heard this for the first time in March I knew I had my title for the story and the overall theme. Those songs just fit so very well that I couldn't resist using them as the guide line during editing.

There is, of course, a Soundtrack:

* These are the songs that inspired me during writing.

1. Bruce Springsteen -- Rocky Ground
2. The BossHoss -- Don't Gimme That
3. Ivy Quainoo -- Do you like what you see
4. Stefanie Heinzmann -- My Man Is A Mean Man
5. Bruce Springsteen -- Shackled and Drawn
6. Christian Kane -- Different Kinda Knight
7. 30 Odd Foot of Grunt -- Other Ways of Speeking
8. Alex Clare -- Too Close
9. Keane -- Disconnected
10. Bruce Springsteen -- We take Care of our Own

Download and Cover Art:

Zip. file can be found HERE


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