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Title: "A journey long overdue "
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Rating: G
Word Count: 3789
Summary: Glimpses into life after high school. Stiles's way to finding himself and how postcards as well as Derek play a big role in that.

Link to Fic: Fic on AO3

Notes: This was written for the tommygirl during the 2nd round of chocolatebox
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Title: "The Dreams of the Memory (If my red eyes don't see you anymore)"
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Artist: [ profile] pokemaster / Starkickback on Tumblr
Rating: R
Word Count: ~ 27k
Warnings: canon-typical violence, mildly dubious consent as in a touch and the invasion of personal space being unwanted (not between Derek and Stiles or anyone of the pack)

Summary: It’s as simple as evil things happening in Beacon Hills can be. Stiles is not so accidentally turned invisible to the pack. And all they will have to do is to figure out how to reverse it, how to catch the evil warlock and everything will be alright. Right?

If things were this simple it wouldn’t be Stiles’ life.

So along the way truths are brought to light that Stiles never really knew needed to be uncovered. Like the fact that the books full of spells his mom kept hidden are somehow calling out to his spark now.
Or that the memories of an imaginary friend and a wolf Stiles always thought only existed in his fantasy might be more real than expected.

Oh and the tiny fact that Derek, out of all people, seems to be the only pack member who’s able to communicate with Stiles – without causing excruciating pain.

Not to mention that the warlock responsible is trying to revive the Nemeton in the meantime – even if that means killing the pack.

Link to Fic: Fic on AO3, art included within the story
Link to Art: will be added later

Notes: This was written for the 2014 Sterek Big Bang at [ profile] sterek_big_bang
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Title: There are no monsters under my bed… they’re in the closet
Author: the_milky_way
Artist: AkumuBlack
Type: slash
Word Count: 25.838
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Derek/Stiles, the Sheriff, Melissa, Scott, Lydia, Kira, three original characters: Aly, Jamie and Jules,
canon-typical violence, set after Season 4, with some references to it

Summary:Stiles likes college. He also likes his roommates, who are slowly turning into really good friends. They get along, they have a good time, they generally enjoy college life. The only problem is that they are supernatural creatures and think Stiles has no clue. It’s fun for a while, to mess with them, to solve their supernatural problems without them realizing it’s him. It’s fun until one of them digs too deep. It’s fun until Stiles needs all the help he can get to solve that supernatural problem.

Oh and anyone who said that absence makes the heart grow fonder? They can go and screw themselves because they were actually right. Stiles has never talked as often with Derek as he does while being away at college. Their phone calls keep him grounded, keep him sane. They are also the opportunity for him to rant about his stupid supernatural roommates, who actually sort of fanboy/fangirl the Hale family. So Stiles isn’t really sure about how to deal with his growing crush on a certain sourwolf and the fact that his roommates would most likely try to jump Derek if they ever get to know him. Right, if only Stiles weren't in need of Derek's help with a certain supernatural problem.

Link(s) to fic: story on AO3
Link(s) to art: Art on AO3

Notes: This was written for the 2014 TW Big Bang at [ profile] teenwolf_bb
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Fic title: "5 times Stiles finds comfort in something Derek does"
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Genre: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek/Stiles
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 3000
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Beta: Many thanks to A for beta services and the suggestions.
Disclaimer: This story is fictional (not real, didn't happen). Characters belong to MTV and Jeff Davis

Notes: This is a 30 prompts/days of Writing type of thing.
I took the prompts from the LJ com spn_30snapshots. The table is called "Lovers Rock".
I never finished the second round but I like the prompts. And this is probably way too fluffy and also a result of insomnia.

Summary: The title says it all.
"5 times Stiles finds comfort in something Derek does"

On to the story -> AO3


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