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Title: "(It's only you and me) And if life is your stage I'll be watching"
Author: [ profile] the_milky_way
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warnings (if any): None
Words: ~ 18.500
Beta: Thanks so much A. for looking over it during the last months.
Disclaimer: This story is fictional (not real, didn't happen). Not true in any way.

Summary: These are glimpses into two lives that become connected. There's high school to survive, college to get through, jobs to find and a place to settle in. It gets all so much more complicated when you are not alone. There's friendship and love, there's a break up and a getting together. In the end all that counts is the love that has always been there.

Part 1: getting to know each other
Where there is something New, some Energy, a Victory, a lot of Friends, Laughter, Family and maybe loads of Banter

Part 2: the next step on the list
Here we have an Animal, a Party, a Dance, Music, some Flowers and a little Sunshine

Part 3: I know you liked no one else does
There's Beauty, someone feels very Alive and has Hope, someone else shows Kindness, there's Relaxing and some Fun

Part 4: Life goes on on and I'll be there with you
A Smile, a Hug, Warm, a Clean cut, some Healing, a Soft and Shiny new relationship

Part 5: You and Me
One Rainbow, more than one Kiss, they feel Safe and there's a lot of Love

Notes: This was written for the 2011 Nano-Shots at [ profile] spn_30snapshots. I claimed Jared/Jensen for the Theme 14: Big Ball of Fluff table.
The complete table with all filled prompts can be found here!

Title is taken from Take That's "Hold up a Light".

This is the first time I've ever participated at a Nano challenge and I have to say it was fun. I already had the idea about writing this HS AU and Nano actually made me write it.
I basically just sat down every day and wrote a little and this thing grew larger than I thought it would and I actually really like it. I hope this experiment will be liked by at least one more person and not only me. :) This is all incredibly sappy and a total schmoop fest. I wrote parts of it under the influence of flu meds so please bear with me.It was still fun even if I had to sit down during last minute and write part five because I totally lost count and missed that those prompts were still open.
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Claim: Jared/Jensen for the Theme 14: Big Ball of Fluff table at the 2011 Nano-Shots at [ profile] spn_30snapshots.

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