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Title: Essay on how Missouri is good for relationships (sexual or otherwise)
Fandom: swimming
Rating: PG 13
Pairings: Larsen Jensen/Erik Vendt, appearances by Aaron Peirsol, Ryan Lochte, Ian Crocker and MooneyBrendan Hansen, Kate Ziegler and Natalie Coughlin
Summary: Larsen on the phone with Erik... during a meet. No one said it was a good idea.
Disclaimer: Not real, didn't happen.

Notes: It's been so long that I wrote anything in this fandom, I am so out of it. But I tried and I hope you like it [ profile] parka_girl. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but turned into a Birthday present now.
I have no idea where this came from and I am really sorry for the ending, it wasn't planned like that. It's just a lot of silly stuff I had in my head after the Missouri vids.

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Title: Untitled
Author: icebear_cw
Fandom: Swimming
Pairing: Aaron Peirsol/Markus Rogan implied, Ian Crocker
Rating: PG 13
setting/Timeline: December 2005
Disclaimer: Not mine, not real, did not happen. I don't own them.

Notes: This was supposed to be Christmas present, but I was way too lazy and did not manage it in time. Anyway, I am not sure if it is working, it certainly did not turn out the way I wanted it to be. I might try another approach (somewhen later).
Oh anyway this is for S!, because she wanted the pairing.
And for anyone else who commented on a certain entry in my LJ about Markus breaking Aaron's World Record.

Not betaed though.

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Title: Drabble
Author: icebear_cw
Fandom: Swim RPF
Pairing: Uhm... :P AP/MP
Timeline: World Championships 2005
Rating: PG 13

Notes: story for J.
Not the best ever... I am not really out of this fandom but yeah...
Sorry, no beta here...

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Title: Feel Better
Author: icebear_cw
Fandom: swimming
Pairing: Ian Crocker/Aaron Peirsol
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: It's RPS. This is fiction: I don't know them, don't own them. It's not real.
Note: Set in early 2004 in Austin/Texas

cross-posted: [ profile] swim_fiction, [ profile] crocker_fic

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