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thank you for creating something for me. I hope this letter will be helpful in any way.
I't more a less a list of things that I like or generally don't like. I hope you'll be able to work with them and feel free to run with any ideas that go along with my likes but don't necessarily correspond with the promts.

My AO3 account is: here, feel free to snoop.

General Likes
* anything fluffy goes
* from enemies to lovers or dislike to like to love with additional soulbond
* accidental soulbond that can only exist when both parties actually want it
* special powers due to the bond
* romance
* hurt/comfort (emotional or otherwise)
* full shift werewolves (or were-creatures)

General Dislikes

* character death (if it isn't canon), death of a soulmate
* cheating or any kind of infidelity
* mpreg (though I do read it occasionally if it's written well but I usually don't)
* BDSM that borders on torture, same goes for kinks that are either meant to torture or used without consent
* embarrassment, public shaming/humiliation, ridicule because of a soulmark or something similar
* rape or heavily dubious consent, extreme violence, extrem underage
* forced soulbond that doesn't give one side a choiced

* Teen Wolf
1. Derek/Stiles ->Derek with Stiles real name in his body never showing it to him until Stiles accidentally sees it
2. Derek/Stiles -> Stiles starts hearing thoughts/has dreams when he's really young and doesn't know where they are coming from, goes through everything that happens in Derek's live, only realizes what it is when he stumbles upon a tome that mentions soulmate telepathy... Derek has long left Beacon Hills and Stiles goes on a wild hunt himself
3. Derek/Stiles -> so there's a stone and Stiles touches it, because why not? He can't move more then ten feet away from Derek and it takes them a while to figure it out

* Hockey RPF
1. Sidney Crosby/Brayden Schenn -> sharing dreams with your soulmate since you hit puberty isn't all that funny once your realize he's a he and the next coming in the NHL named Sidney Crosby
2. Sidney Crosby/Brayden Schenn -> the vacation after the World Championships 2015 -> Sid finds his mark on Brayden
3. Sidney Crosby/Claude Giroux -> Soulmate telepathy during the worst time of the Flyers/Pens rivalry, or accidental soulbond between enemies making them friends and then overs
4. Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin -> Tyler gets injured during a a game (roughing or accident) and Jamie sort of loses his mind over it because he hears everything Tyler thinks and feels what he feels, realizing that Tyler got under his skin.
5. Kari Lehtonen/Antii Niemi -> Back home in Finland a lot of guys were named Antii, so having that name tattooed on his skin was sort of a challenge... Having Antii suddenly on his team was surprising for Kari though

* Supernatural
1. Sam/Dean -> Dean has always known about the mark in Sam, he just never realized what it meant until Sam was gone and there was this deep gut wrenching hole inside of him. It takes him years back at Sam's side to come to terms with what it all means
2. Sam/Deam -> Sam touched something. Sam has very vivid dreams now.... not knowing that Dean does, too... mix in Mary being back at the bunker and things sort of go sideways for a while

* Supernatural RPF
1. Jared/Jensen -> feel free to come up something fluffy and soulmate telepathy :)

* Charmed
1. Chris Halliwell/Wyat Halliwell -> Chris remembers the dreams and he stopped wondering why uncle Coop always looked at them a but funny when Wyatt started talking in his head. They are witches after all, fate bonding them together like that is by far the least worrisome thing that ever happened to him


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