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thank you for creating something for me. I hope this letter will be helpful in any way. It's been a while since I took part in a fic exchange, so this letter might not be very detailed. It's basically just a list of things I want to see in fic and things that I'd rather not.

I hope that the prompts are something you can work with if not just take my general likes and dislikes and have fun with them.
If you have any other ideas that you think might work, run with them. :)

My AO3 account is: here, feel free to snoop.

General Likes
* anything fluffy goes
* from enemies to lovers or dislike to like to love
* missing scenes
* romance
* hurt/comfort (emotional or otherwise)
* meeting again after some time
* full shift werewolves (or were-creatures)

General Dislikes

* character death (if it isn't canon)
* cheating or any kind of infidelity
* mpreg (though I do read it occasionally if it's written well but I usually don't)
* BDSM that borders on torture, same goes for kinks that are either meant to torture or used without consent
* embarrassment, public shaming/humiliation
* rape or heavily dubious consent

* Teen Wolf
1. -> Derek/Stiles -> any thing about Derek coming back to help with the Wild Hunt, remembers Stiles, Derek can fully shift into a wolf
2. -> Derek/Stiles -> Stiles at college somewhere other than Beacon Hills, runs into Derek, they get to know each other again without the added pressure of supernatural catastrophes lingering
3. -> Peter & Stiles -> figuring out how to solve supernatural problems together, with all the snark and bickering they can manages (added side of Derek/Stiles appreciated bit not necessary)

* Hockey RPF
1. Sidney Crosby/Brayden Schenn -> dealing with the life of a hockey players for different teams but having their home base so close together that meeting up is still possible
2. Sidney Crosby/Brayden Schenn -> the vacation after the World Championships 2015 -> how they got together, how the world champs helped Brayden change his view and act on his crush
3. Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin -> Tyler's dog Cash loves Jamie more, or Tyler thinks so, why else would he always end up at Jamie's place? -> dog as a matchmaker
4. Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin -> Tyler gets injured during a a game (roughing or accident) and Jamie sort of loses his mind over it, realizing that Tyler got under his skin.

* Chicago Med
1. Will Halstead/Connor Rhodes -> after a hard day Will and Connor meet up at Molly's, the next Will's not sure how he ended up in Connor's bed with a ring on his finger
2. Will Halstead/Connor Rhodes -> rooftop of the hospital, in the middle of the night, Connor finds Will alone and playing his guitar

* Crossover Chicago Fire/Chicago PD
1. Hank Voight (Chicago PD)/Matthew Casey (Chicago Fire) -> after Jason's funeral Casey visits Voight, tension is high and things sort of happen -> just them addressing the anger issues between them in certain ways -> just not too much violence or any kind of dubious content
2. Hank Voight (Chicago PD)/Matthew Casey (Chicago Fire) -> Casey has to rescue Voight

* The Flash
1. Barry Allen/Leonard Snart -> Flashpoint has changed things, minor details at first but in the long run the mean so much more -> like Snart not being really dead and suddenly appearing in front of Barry


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