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Teen Wolf


* "There are no monsters under my bed…"
Derek/Stiles, PG-13 TW BigBang 2014 Round 4 Stiles likes college. He also likes his roommates, who are slowly turning into really good friends. They get along, they have a good time, they generally enjoy college life. The only problem is that they are supernatural creatures and think Stiles has no clue. It’s fun for a while, to mess with them, to solve their supernatural problems without them realizing it’s him. It’s fun until one of them digs too deep. It’s fun until Stiles needs all the help he can get to solve that supernatural problem.

Oh and anyone who said that absence makes the heart grow fonder? They can go and screw themselves because they were actually right. Stiles has never talked as often with Derek as he does while being away at college. Their phone calls keep him grounded, keep him sane. They are also the opportunity for him to rant about his stupid supernatural roommates, who actually sort of fanboy/fangirl the Hale family. So Stiles isn’t really sure about how to deal with his growing crush on a certain sourwolf and the fact that his roommates would most likely try to jump Derek if they ever get to know him. Right, if only Stiles weren't in need of Derek's help with a certain supernatural problem.

* "5 times Stiles finds comfort in something Derek does"
Stiles/Derek, PG-13 The title says it all.
"5 times Stiles finds comfort in something Derek does".

Supernatural RPS


* "How to do teenage drama the right way and still come out on top", "
J2 AU, PG-13, spn_reversebang 2012 Jensen's into drama (as an extra curriculum in school and as part of his entire life). Jared's the quarterback and kinda set to ruin Jensen's life. Or so it seems.

Jensen thinks this might turn into the worst day of his life. Admittedly, his life hasn’t been around all that long yet. And still, this day might top every other “worst day of his life” in the last seventeen years.

* "We've been traveling over rocky ground (Stars have faded, the sky is still)"
J2 AU, R, Big Bang 2012 “Times are rough and the future is not as brilliant as people hoped it would be. Half the country’s a desert the other half constantly fighting winter. Access to technology is restricted, watched over by a corrupt government and people have turned back to a simpler way of life.

Jensen’s a rancher with a ranch that hangs on a by threat. He struggles to make ends meet. Now someone powerful wants to take away what has been in his family for generations. His land. And that someone is willing to kill.

Jared’s a rebel, in the truest sense of the word. He fights for freedom, against half of the government and is always, always on the front line. But then a mission turns too hot and Jared’s forced into hiding. As luck will have it he ends up as a ranch hand on Jensen’s isolated land in the mountains.

Fighting the same enemy is, what pushes them together in the end.”

* "Like a cat that got the cream... only better"
J2, R, Why Jensen is basically living at Jared's again is beyond him. Well, not really. He knows why he doesn't leave. He's just not sure if Jared has the same reasons for keeping him around.

* "It's only the beginning... of a story yet untold"
J2, PG-13, “His heart skips every time he dares to let thoughts slip free. Thoughts about going back to L.A., living in his lonely, empty house and then only ever meeting up with Jared when they have time off."

* "No smooth sailing (just you and me fumbling along)"
J2, PG-13, “All Jensen hears when he opens the door to Jared’s trailer is cursing. It’s not a rare occurrence, far from it even. It’s the choice words that make Jensen stop for a second and stare."

* "Tell it like it is"
J2, PG-13, “Valentine's Day... Jensen thinks it’s a stupid day and he would appreciate it very much if people on and off set would stop trying to tell him otherwise. Of course, Jared is all for it, carrying chocolates and cards around for those who won’t be on set that day. Jared even writes to family and exes. He’s just that guy.

* "Eight letters, three words, one meaning "
J2 AU, PG-13, spn_j2_xmas 2011, Chad’s hiding behind a shelf of cups, pretending to be busy sorting the new to-go cups. Jared just snorts and looks up at the customer who's just reached the counter.
Jared can’t help but grin when he realizes who it is. The guy's been coming in for two weeks straight, every day and he always asks the same question. And for those two weeks Jared has always answered the same, only to feel his heart skip a beat at the dejected expression on the guy’s face.

* "(It's only you and me) And if life is your stage I'll be watching"
J2 AU, NC-17, spn_30snapshots NANO 2011, These are glimpses into two lives that become connected. There's high school to survive, college to get through, jobs to find and a place to settle in. It gets all so much more complicated when you are not alone. There's friendship and love, there's a break up and a getting together. In the end all that counts is the love that has always been there..

* "You know that we're falling (We're falling back into the sun)"
J2 AU, PG-13, spn_reversebang 2011, Jensen is a big shot movie star, Jared a skateboarding champion. They met once, under less than stellar circumstances. Now Jensen needs Jared to teach him how to look passionate and not face plant while on a skateboard or strangle himself while holding a kite. Considering that Jared hates Jensen, this seems to be a fun mission right from the beginning. And Jensen's social awkwardness that Jared takes as typical diva behavior isn't really helping either.

* "Say the words you never dare"
PG-13, “It starts simply enough, with a note taped to the wardrobe mirror on set, telling him that he should go out with the guys, that Jared will be there later. They haven’t really talked outside dialogue and scene set-up for a couple of days."

* "It's so easy loving you (There's nothing else I wanna do)"
J2 AU, R, spn_meanttobe 2011, "Jensen looks up then and stares. Open mouthed and all that. He must look quite idiotic, sitting on the stairs with a kitten hanging from his little finger, mouth open and eyes wide. Because, holy hell, is that really Jared Padalecki standing there?"

* "Open your Eyes, Open your Heart (proud like a god don't pretend to be blind)"
J2 AU, NC-17, Big Bang 2011, “Times where the band was all over the news and the new best thing are long gone. Sure, they are still on the road, still attract a decent crowd but they haven’t a released anything new in close to three years now. About to lose their record deal Jensen is desperately trying to find new ideas. But writing new songs proves to be much more difficult than it used to be. On a chance night he finds inspiration, only for it to turn out to be a washed up casting star seemingly earning his money out on the streets. That’s not really what he had in mind as his new muse. Jared, though, seems determined to stay around.”

* "Your laughter is my Life"
R, “But daddy said, you’n’Jay are a married old couple.” The boy nods, all sure and secure in his conviction. This time Jared snorts, actually howls with laughter that is only muffled behind his hand.

* "Touch me like you mean it"
J2 AU, NC-17, Harley’s tongue is in his ear when Jared tumbles into the hallway and Jensen barks out a laugh at the sight of him. There is something white and creamy on Jared’s face, hair held back by shiny pink hair bands and Jared’s only wearing track pants. No one can blame Jensen when he stares for a second or two.

* "Summer Camp - that's how it goes"
J2 AU, PG-13, Jared sees the boy that lives next door, moved in just before junior high school started, and who helps his mom and builds a race car with his dad. Jared also sees the Jensen who never even looks into Jared’s direction.

* "Surfing Lessons Jared-style"
J2 AU, PG-13, Jensen has been in California for months now, settling in, working, making new friends. It would all be so very perfect if said new friends didn’t start teasing him about his lack of surfing experience.

* "That's just the way it is"
AU, PG-13, It's Jensen's birthday and his crazy grandmother from Texas is visiting. Which means Jensen and Jared have to hide fact that they are a couple.

* "A Day in the Life of a Sidekick "
AU, written for [profile] j2_everafter 2010/2011, PG-13, And Jared thinks he really should be used to situations like this by now. Working with, and sometimes for, one Dr. Jensen Ackles warrants a lot of strange and sometimes ridiculous situations, especially working in their field. Treasure hunting is special after all, and it tends to attract the strangest type of guys.

* "I haven’t scratched the surface of my desire (In the world of dreams, I’m a frequent flyer)"
AU, written for [profile] spn_j2_xmas 2010, PG-13, The house looks like a war zone. And here, he’d thought that it would be over once they all finished college and found decent jobs. He should have known it wouldn’t be that easy. His roommates have stopped growing up since senior year in high school.
Nothing new then.

* "Just one of those stories...", AU in 5 parts, Jared/Jensen, from PG to R, a story about two men which started at a summer camp and continues on. written for my [profile] schmoop_bingo card

* "it's only words (and words are all I have)"
J2 AU, PG-13, Jensen writes because he doesn't really know how to use words in any other way. Only when Jared is there things are different.

* "Mark my soul, ink my skin (and let the novel begin)"
J2 AU, R, The first time is clearly a mistake. Jensen’s pretty sure of it, seeing as those two stumbling into the shop are clearly three sheets to the wind.

* "Cuz you leave me speechless when you talk to me (You leave me breathless the way you look at me)"
College AU, Pg-13, Jared’s sure he’s still a little drunk from last night. And this morning has already been bad, so he’s decided not to take responsibilities for whatever his mind comes up with during the day.

* "Use every word you've ever heard - To color my world"
College-AU, PG, Timestamp following What about now (What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be), Jared and Jensen talk about the future.

* What about now (What if you’re making me all that I was meant to be)
J2-AU, College, R, Big Bang story 2010: Jensen Ackles's life at college is a dream come true. Captain of the ice hockey team, rather good student and willing to explore new things. When new teammate Jared shows up with a few secrets in his bag Jensen is intrigued. He wants to know what’s up with the guy and why he vanishes a lot of time. And what is Parkour anyway? If he had known what’s in for him, Jensen would have probably thought twice about falling for Jared and this new mysterious sport.

* "Cuz you leave me speechless when you talk to me (You leave me breathless the way you look at me)"
College!AU, PG-13, Jared’s sure he’s still a little drunk from last night. And this morning has already been bad, so he’s decided not to take responsibilities for whatever his mind comes up with during the day.

* "Wherein Jared tries not to be too miserable and to avoid being kidnapped by Mike"
College!AU, PG-13, Life is really, really unfair.Jared isn’t even exaggerating or something.

* 30 stories for the Perspectives: Lives lived, chances taken table
PG to R, different moments in Jared's life, mostly connected to Jensen

* "Every Christmas With You "
College!AU, written for [profile] spn_j2_xmas 2009, PG-13, A day before Christmas and Jared can't stand anything holiday related anymore.
Of course, it has to be him that is trapped in the store he is working at with the douchy guy he has had a crush on for almost all semester.

* "Wherein Jensen tries to survive meeting the parents (not that he is freaking out or anything)"
College!AU, R, The prospect of spending Thanksgiving with Jared is nice. Very nice. The prospect of spending it with Jared and both their families makes Jensen incredibly nervous.

* "Wherein Jared tries to figure what is appropriate for a first date (even if it isn’t a real first date)"
College!AU, PG-13, This might be a date but Jared isn't sure about it. Not at all. Jensen is a tease. Mike is Mike, as usual.

* "Sunshine and raindrops"
J2-AU, PG-13, spn_meanttobe: Jensen is sort of oblivious, Jared a good guy and Mike is just too greedy.

* "Somebody made you smile into their lens”
J2-AU, NC-17, Big Bang story 2009: Jared Padalecki loves to spend his time buried in books. Jensen Ackles is the photographer everybody wants to hire. They are polar opposites but neither of them can help being drawn to one another whenever they meet - and Jensen doesn't even believe in fate. So Jensen doesn’t really get why fate insist on throwing them together over and over again when it’s not him being crazy over the geek but Chris.

* "Wherein Jensen doesn’t really know what’s going on…"
College!AU, PG-13, Jensen isn't really sure what's going on. He might be in love. Josh mocks him for it and Mike is still an asshole.

* ""Wherein Jared’s brain doesn’t shut up…","
College!AU, PG, Jared might have a little crush on his roommate's brother. Jared might also be a little stressed because Jensen is visiting. Mike is just an ass, as usual.

* "3 untitled ficlets"
PG, ficlets written to three prompts (J2 and a wedding, jealous boys, shy!Jared)

* "Just a surprise day off"
PG, Jared has been down, Jensen might be baking and there is day off

* "Four years and counting"
PG-13, Jensen is looking and sees for the first time

* "With One Look - An epic love story (according to Mike)"
J2-AU, R, Whenboymeetsboy challenge: "In & Out"
Chad is an awesome friend and outs Jared in front of a whole nation. Jared has to deal with the fall-out and with Jensen showing up.

* So open your mind and start loving
PG, prompts: "4 times Jared made a fool out of himself in public and one time jensen did? you can play with that, but you know what i mean, right?"

* 2 season drabbles
PG, prompts: "J2, Secret Santa " and "J2: A mix up with their gifts."

* "In our lifetime - Los Angeles 2048"
J2-AU, NC-17, Hero gets the guy action challenge: "i Robot"
A friend's unexpected death forces Detective Jensen Ackles to deal with the company that embodies everything he dislikes with a vengeance.

* "Of cinnamon rolls and dancing lessons, or how to spend a Sunday in Vancouver"
PG, He wonders, briefly, how insane a person must be to actually appreciate the constant noise he endures every day, compared to a quiet home.

* “4 times ice cream meant a beginning, one time it didn’t”
PG-13, title says it all

* "Four times Jensen didn't want to kiss Jared and one time he did."
PG-13, title says it all

* Club Tropicana
J2-AU, R, SummerLoveSong challenge: Jared has been looking for a special someone for ten years.

* "The worst mistake is giving up (You are part of everything)"
J2-AU, NC-17, Big Bang story 2008: When Jared Padalecki returns home from college he learns that his father has decided to marry him off to the daughter of his fiercest competitor. All that to save the company and protect the family.

* Keys
J2, NC-17, Jared is on a hunt, Jensen helps out

* A Moment in Time
NC-17, There is a surprise and Steve likes it.. a lot.

Supernatural Fanfic

Sam&Dean Gen
* "So this is Christmas"
prompt: wee!chesters, gen, Christmas but sometime before Sammy gives Dean the amulet.


* "I just thought maybe we could find ways to fall apart"
PG-13, Sam/Dean-Minibang 2012, This was supposed to be a simple cursed object case. Locate, retrieve, and lock up, you know.
Since they are the Winchesters, things are never simple, though.
With flashbacks of a past that never happened, a frighteningly clueless brother and time missing from his memory, Dean’s pretty sure he’s losing his grasp on reality.
Wouldn’t be the first time, only his delusions never before made him wish they were true.

* "There’s something in the silence I never used to feel"
R, Sam/Dean-Minibang 2011, Dean’s only ever known Sam. Sam has always been there. It’s the times Dean has to pretend, when he has to tell people he doesn’t know Sam or when they have to pretend not to be brothers that Dean actually thinks about it. Sam’s the little brother, the best friend and in the end, the only one Dean wants. But it’s only when they pretend that Dean allows himself to think about the last one of these facts. Sam is Dean’s entire world, he just doesn’t know if he’s Sam’s as well.

* "let the moon guide the way"
PG, Full moon is not Dean’s favorite time of the month. It always brings out the crazies that try to take over the world or generally be annoying as fuck.

* "when I'm with you I leave reality"
NC-17. Apparently Dean's not alone with his cowboy fetish.

* "Summers of a lifetime"
PG-13, Summer means so much to him that it just seems natural that every single thing that means something to Dean happened and still happens during it.

** 30 stories for the Paranormal table
PG to R, moments in Sam's life, Sam or Sam/Dean, one Sam/Demon!Brady

* "The choreography of an unmoved dance"
NC-17, written for spn_j2_xmas gift exchange 2008, prompts for "first time" and "possessive Sam"

* "Four things that Sam didn't do and one he did" and "Four times Dean denied Sam the steering wheel, one time he actually let him drive."
PG-13, two prompt ficlets, titles say it all


Dark Angel/RPS

The Long Way Home Verse

*"With the satellites failing prepare for ascension"
Alec/x5!Jared, PG-13, Snow is glistening on the windowsill, white and blue in the moonlight. The night is cold and not really inviting to be outside. But he had to get away, had to find a place where he could be alone and not crushed under all the emotions running wild in Terminal City, or really most of Seattle, right now.
Set in the "Long way Home" verse

* "The Long Way Home"
Alec/x5!Jared, NC-17, In a future not far from now, in a broken world, family is all you can rely upon.

* "Everything you've been waiting for"
Alec/x5!Jared, NC-17, There isn't much Jared wants when he comes home. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Alec has other ideas.
Part of the "Long way Home" verse

* “Alecs likes the quiet"
Alec/x5!Jared, PG-13, Alec plays the piano, Jared watches
Set in the "Long way Home" verse

Other Crossover

My Bloody Valentine/Froday 13th
* “Nothing is sure"
Tom Hanniger/Clay Miller, PG-13, Tom isn't the bad guy and Clay is still there

Other Fandoms:

7th Heaven
* "It’s always the brightest light"
Ruthie/Martin, R, It’s in London of all places that Ruthie sees him again.

At first she isn’t even sure – it’s been eight years without so much as a glimpse after all. There’s enough of an unfamiliar feeling that she wonders where she’s seen him before. Only for a second but it’s enough to make her look again. Closer this time. And still, at first she thinks it’s a visual trick, someone that looks similar but not quite right. Until he turns away from the shop window and she gets presented with a clear view of his face

Dark Angel
* “Surreal” is an understatement
Alec/Normal, PG-13, If Normal had know what giving this interview would mean, he wouldn't have given it.

Gossip Girl
* "4 times Chuck's conquests ended up on Gossip Girl, and one time they didn't."
various pairings, Chuck Bass/Dan Humphrey, PG-13, title says it all

* "Between lost and found (you show me the difference)"
Chuck/Jenny, NC-17, The air's cold when she steps out of the cab. Doesn’t slam the door but isn’t gentle either. The driver scowls but when she hands over a twenty, he almost smiles. She roles her eyes because people are so predictable.


* "Eliot Spencer's minimalistic Christmas"
Sophie/Eliot, PG, Parker has Hardison, Nate is spending Christmas with Maggie, for old time's sake...and who's left with no family to celebrate with? Yep, those two.

* Gone but not Forgotten
Sophie/Eliot, PG, She isn’t there but is omnipresent anyway. It’s like there is a ghost hovering above them, a ghost that lingers and makes things just a tiny but more awkward and tensed.

The Cape
* Falling Part 1 and 2
Jack Riles/Zeke Beaumont, R, set in the middle of the season

The 4400
* The 4400 prompted drabbles

* "five times that Jack and Ianto tried to watchX-Files and failed (and only one of them can be because of sex)."
Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, PG-13, title says it all

Other RPS:

Formula One

* "That was not the plan"
Jenson Button/Mark Webber, R, Jenson/Mark, keeping score.

* "4 times Kimi gave Fernando relationship advice and one time Fernando returned the favour."
various pairings, Fernando Alonso/Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen/Sebastian Vettel, PG-13, title says it all

* "Poor Twisted Me"
Fernando Alonso/ Lewis Hamilton, PG-13, some kind of morning-after story.

Other Sports

Soccer (Football)

* Nothing to say
Jens Lehmann/Oli Kahn, PG, Italy Game July 2006

* "Essay on how Missouri is good for relationships (sexual or otherwise)"
Larsen Jensen/Erik Vendt, PG-13, Larsen on the phone with Erik... during a meet. No one said it was a good idea. Set in 2007

* Hunting
Michael Phelps/Klete Keller, PG-13, spring 2006

* Untitled Ficlet
Aaron Peirsol/Markus Rogan, PG, December 2005

* Plans
Tom Malchow/Klete Keller, PG-13, set in 2003

* Untitled ficlet
Michael Phelps/Ian Thorpe, PG, 2003

* Quiet Thoughts
Michael Phelps/Ian Crocker, PG-13, Athens 2004

* Feel Better
Ian Crocker/Aaron Peirsol, R, 2004

* Package
Michael Phelps/Eminem, R, 2004

* Touch the Gas a little
Michael Phelps/Matt Lauer, PG-13, Athens 2004

* Untitled Part 1
Brendan Hansen/Kosuke Kitajima, PG-13, Athens 2004

* Drabble
Aaron Peirsol/Michael Phelps, PG, World Champs 2005

* What Peguins can do
Brendan Hansen/Kosuke Kitajima, PG, Montreal 2005

* What Penguines Can do Part 2
Brendan Hansen/Kosuke Kitajima, PG, Montreal 2005


* Aprés Tour
Jan Ullrich/Alexandre Vinokurov, PG, Tour de France 2005


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